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FAQs ACSC Small Business Survey

we want to hear from you. Cyber security survey for small business

What is the ACSC Small Business Survey about?

The ACSC Small Business Survey will help the ACSC understand attitudes and approaches to cyber security among Australia’s small business owners and operators.

What products do you use in your business? What does ‘cyber security’ mean to you? How would you respond to a cyber security incident affecting your business?

The answers to these questions will help the ACSC identify what issues are most important to small business owners when it comes to ‘cyber security’, and help us further develop and refine our information and advice for small businesses.

We have developed the survey as part of our mission to improve cyber security for all Australians and make Australia the safest place to connect online.

The survey is intended to generate statistical findings. Our commitment to respondents is clearly explained at the start of the survey.

Who should complete the ACSC Small Business Survey?

The survey has been developed to capture the views of small business owners and operators who employ up to, but not exceeding 20 staff. Business principals, sole traders and business employees can also take part in the survey.

What if I’ve never experienced a cyber security incident personally or in a small business?

You don’t need to have experienced a cyber security issue to take part in the survey. We are keen to gain insights into cyber security more broadly, to understand the issues that small business owners are facing on a daily basis.

Do I need any technical knowledge to complete the ACSC Small Business Survey?

The survey is not technical and participants do not need any specific IT knowledge. We’re interested in attitudes and approaches to cyber security in general.

Where can I get the ACSC Small Business Survey?

The survey is available at and via invitation from state and territory government small business agencies and peak industry bodies we have worked with, to ensure we reach as many small business owners and operators throughout Australia as possible.

The greater the number of small businesses we reach, the more comprehensive picture we have of cyber security awareness and needs, for one of the most vital sectors of our economy and a very important part of our community.

How long will the ACSC Small Business Survey take?

We know how busy small business owners and staff are, so we aim to take up as little of your time as possible. The survey can be completed in approximately 10 minutes.

How do I complete the ACSC Small Business Survey?

The survey is hosted by Qualtrics, a trusted provider of research services, accredited to the highest level of the Australian Government’s security standards. On opening the survey link, respondents will be directed to the survey that is hosted on Qualtrics’ website.

Do I have to complete the ACSC Small Business Survey in one go?

No, the survey can be completed in stages, at your convenience. Just save and return to it, as you need to.

Is the information I provide in the survey safe?

The information you provide is collected and held in line with strict Australian Government privacy guidelines, specifically the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988. Importantly, the survey doesn’t ask you to provide personally identifiable information to complete the survey.

What will happen to my information?

The information provided will be aggregated by Qualtrics’ research experts before being securely provided to the ACSC.

The ACSC will use the aggregated data to develop an understanding of the types of products and services small businesses rely on to manage cyber security risk, and how they make decisions when it comes to implementing their own cyber security.

Insights from the data will also help the ACSC identify trends in cyber security risk and practices, enabling us to communicate with small businesses about the right cyber security priorities and risks, at the right time. We may also publish these insights for educational and information purposes.

June 17th, 2019