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The Australian Signals Directorate has released its fourth ASD Cyber Threat Report.

The Report details the latest cyber threats affecting Australian businesses, organisations and individuals. The findings demonstrate that malicious cyber activity continued to increase in frequency, cost and severity compared to the previous year.

Reporting of cyber security incidents impacting Australian critical infrastructure increased by almost one-third in the 22-23 financial year. About 57% of cyber incidents reported by critical infrastructure entities involved compromised accounts or credentials; compromised assets, networks or infrastructure; and denial of service attacks.

During the 2022-23 financial year, there were nearly 94,000 reports of cybercrime submitted to ReportCyber, an increase of 23% compared to the previous financial year. On average, that’s one report received every 6 minutes.

The cost of cybercrime to businesses increased by 14% compared to the previous financial year. Small businesses experienced an average financial loss of $46,000, while cybercrimes cost medium businesses an average of $97,200, and large businesses an average of $71,600.

You can download our full ASD Cyber Threat Report for a stronger understanding of the current cyber threat environment. It also highlights the cyber security guidance, services, and uplift programs that ASD provides, which will help improve the cyber security posture of all Australians and Australian organisations.

You can also download the ASD Cyber Threat Report factsheets for a snapshot of the cyber threats affecting you or your business. They outline the steps you can take to better protect yourself or your organisation online.

By continuing to work together, we can all contribute to building Australia’s resilience and making Australia a harder target for malicious actors.

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