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About individuals and families

Protecting you and your family online is about more than avoiding financial losses. Imagine if all your photos were suddenly taken from your computer, or your personal email contact list was stolen and used to scam your friends and family.

Many Australians may not be aware of the risks we face in cyberspace – but the good news is that you can take simple steps to better protect your personal and financial information online.

Taking care of your safety online is no more complicated than the steps you take in other aspects of your life. We all do things to safeguard our physical belongings such as locking our doors and keeping hold of our wallets. By taking the same care of your devices and accounts when engaging online, you can protect yourself and your valuable online information.

This is where we can help! We provide easy to understand tips and techniques for you to stay secure when working, socialising, banking, shopping or just browsing online. A good place to start is Do things securely.