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Critical infrastructure

The ACSC’s Critical Infrastructure advice and support is tailored to promote a cohesive effort between Government and Private Industry to uplift the cybersecurity of Australia’s Critical Infrastructure, control systems, and operational technology. The ACSC provides timely, tailored advice to Critical Infrastructure partners, aids asset owners in identifying and evaluating security vulnerabilities, and provides assistance to asset operators in implementing sound mitigation and risk reduction strategies.

The ACSC offers Critical Infrastructure support through:

  • Technical expertise in Information and Operational Technologies;
  • Principles-based advice tailored toward high-risk environments;
  • Remediation activities;
  • Proactive partnerships and threat assessments.

The Australian Government is developing our nation’s next Cyber Security Strategy as part of its commitment to protecting Australians from cyber threats.

Since the release of the 2016 Cyber Security Strategy, the cyber threat landscape has shifted and evolved dramatically.

The magnitude of the threats faced by Australian businesses and families has increased. They will become more acute as our society and economy become increasingly connected. As the threat evolves, so too must our response.