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ReportCyber has replaced ACORN as the place to report cybercrimes.

Current alerts

Critical infrastructure entities are legally required to report cyber security incidents

Critical Infrastructure entities are required to report cyber security incidents to the ACSC within:

  • 12 hours, if the incident is having a significant impact on the availability of the asset, or
  • 72 hours, if the incident is having an impact on the availability, integrity or reliability of the asset, or on the confidentiality of information about, or held by, the asset.

Organisations & critical infrastructure

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Are you a victim of cybercrime?

Report a cybercrime

What can I report at ReportCyber?

Some common types of cybercrime include:

  • Cyber abuse - someone is bullying, harassing or stalking you online.
  • Online image abuse - someone has shared or is threatening to share online intimate images or videos of you online.
  • Online shopping fraud or romance fraud - you have been deceived into sending money or goods to someone online.
  • Identity theft - someone has used your personal or business identity information and accessed your online accounts.
  • Email Compromise - you received an email containing fraudulent information that deceived you to send money.
  • Internet fraud - you have clicked on a phishing link or given someone remote access to a computer or device, and money may been taken from your accounts.
  • Ransomware or malware - your system or devices have been compromised and someone may be demanding money.

Some of these cybercrimes may constitute an offence under Commonwealth and/or state and territory legislation.

You should NOT report at ReportCyber when:

  • There is a court order against the suspect
  • you require assistance outside of business hours

Instead report directly to police who can immediately help you by:

  • visiting a police station
  • or calling police on 131 444.

If there is an immediate threat to life, or risk of harm, call 000 immediately.

When you report:

By reporting you are not making a formal police statement. Not all reports are investigated by law enforcement agencies, however your report assists to disrupt cybercrime operations and make Australia the safest place to connect online.

It is unlikely that your money will be recovered, so it is important to contact your financial institution immediately.

Browser requirements: The latest versions of Chrome, Safari or Firefox are recommended.

Report a cybercrime

The types of cyber security incidents you should report are suspicious system and network activities such as:

  • domain administrator accounts being locked out due to failed authentication attempts
  • unusual authentication events on remote access systems
  • service accounts communicating with internet-based infrastructure.
  • compromise of sensitive information
  • unauthorised access or attempts to access a system
  • emails with suspicious attachments or links
  • denial of service attacks
  • suspected tampering of electronic devices.

Report a cyber security vulnerability

Please report any cyber security vulnerabilities you discover that are not yet publicly known, if they are:

  • high-impact vulnerabilities that may affect many users, critical national infrastructure or physical safety and could occur in software components, protocols or hardware
  • vulnerabilities in websites or systems for big business or government agencies.

Coordinating the disclosure of vulnerabilities can minimise the potential harm caused by those vulnerabilities being exploited. 

This disclosure will give vendors and developers more time to mitigate the vulnerabilities and enable affected systems of national interest to reduce their exposure. 

The ACSC has developed a secure process to enable reporting of a cyber security vulnerability.

Fill in your contact details below and a member of the ACSC will contact you to proceed with the process and provide information about the secure email certificate.

Report a data breach

If your organisation has had a breach of data that is likely to result in serious harm to any individuals whose personal information is involved in the breach, you may have legal obligations under the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme.

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