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Mobiles and tablets

Today smartphones and tablets are used to connect, shop, work, bank, research, track our fitness and complete hundreds of other tasks any time, and from any location.

Remember: Treat your phone like your wallet. Keep it safe and with you at all times. 

What can happen if your mobile device is lost or stolen? 

  • It may be used to access your money or steal your identity using information stored on your device. 
  • You may lose irreplaceable data like photos, notes or messages (if it is not backed up). 
  • Your social media accounts may be accessed, which can enable a cybercriminal to steal your identity using your profile information (such as your date of birth and photo). 
  • A cybercriminal may use your phone/tablet or its SIM card to rack up telephone charges to your account. 
  • You may have to cover the cost of a new device, while still paying off the lost or stolen one.