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Passwords and PINs are used to identify who you are. Sometimes they are the only defence to protect your information against unauthorised access.

They are the first line of defence to protect your information from cyber criminals. They should be a secret that only you know.

On this page

  • Password tiers
  • Password and PIN hygiene 
  • Where to get help

Weak passwords are easy for cybercriminals to guess. They use automated software that can potentially guess 350 billion passwords per second!

If your password or PIN is captured, guessed or stolen, a cybercriminal can potentially:

  • send emails from your accounts
  • withdraw money from your bank accounts
  • change files on your computer such as invoices
  • steal your identity.

Where to get help 



You have forgotten your password and your computer is locked 

  • your local computer repair retailer 

You are looking for more information on securing your desktop or laptop computer 

  • your device manufacturer's website 

  • Whirlpool or other discussion forums. 

Information on recent threats 

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A full list of useful contacts can be found on the Contact us page. 

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