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Phone and email scammers impersonating the ACSC

The Australian government will NEVER phone you to request access to your computer, or request you to purchase cryptocurrencies or gift cards. If you receive a suspicious phone call, take the caller's details, hang up and contact the company they claim to represent via official communication channels listed on their website. Never call a number provided by the scammer.

Alert status

If you receive an email from the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) and you wish to verify that it is legitimate, please contact us on 1300 CYBER1.

The ACSC is aware of phone calls and emails from scammers claiming to be ACSC employees or stating they are working in collaboration with the ACSC. Scammers are calling from ‘spoofed’ Australian phone numbers, offering to resolve malware issues or requesting assistance in the apprehension of cybercriminals.

The scammers are requesting details of the individual’s network and devices, including their IP address, and guiding the individual to download remote access applications such as ‘TeamViewer’ or ‘AnyDesk’ giving the scammer access to the individual’s computer. The scammer will then persuade the individual into revealing sensitive personal information by asking for copies of identity documents, or by suggesting the individual to log into their bank account.

In addition to the calls, cybercriminals are masquerading as ACSC members in emails requesting recipients download ‘Antivirus’ software through a malicious link or advising the recipients personal information (user name and/or passwords) have been ‘compromised’. In these instances, cybercriminals are providing malicious email attachments. If clicked on, the link/attachments downloads and installs malicious software to the individual’s computer.

Scammers may also request the purchase of cryptocurrencies or gift cards to ‘help stop the criminals’, requesting secrecy, or threatening to arrest individuals who do not comply.

If you have fallen victim to these phone calls or emails and paid money or exposed personal information, you can lodge a cybercrime report for assessment by police at

If you require assistance you can contact the ACSC via 1300 CYBER1.

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