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Scammers purporting to be from ACSC are calling Australians and attempting to trick them into installing malicious software on personal devices.

Alert status

The Australian Cyber Security Centre warns some Australians are receiving phone calls from scammers purporting to be ACSC employees and claiming the receiving person’s computer has been compromised.

These malicious callers are known as ‘remote access scammers’ and they request individuals to download ‘TeamViewer’ or ‘AnyDesk’ onto their device to help resolve the malware issue.

The scammer then attempts to persuade recipients to take actions, such as enter a URL into a browser and access online banking service, which then compromises their computer to reveal banking information, enabling them access to transfer funds.

Some recipients of these calls have reported to the ACSC that the scammers may have spoofed legitimate caller ID numbers, to make their unsolicited calls appear more authentic.

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