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Phone scams impersonating Australian businesses and government agencies

Cybercriminals are spoofing Australian mobile numbers and pretending to be from an Australian Government agency, delivery company or business, manipulating the individual to gain access to their device.

Alert status

What’s happened?

The Australian Cyber Security Centre and Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch have received an increased number of reports in the last five days of remote access scams.

Members of the public have reported receiving calls from cybercriminals pretending to be from telecommunication companies, government agencies including the Department of Home Affairs, and parcel delivery companies.

A majority of the calls have been reported by people living in areas that have been locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, suggesting cybercriminals may be preying on people who are more vulnerable, housebound and easy to contact.    

Where victims have handed over personal details, the cybercriminals are then using legitimate remote access applications, like Team Viewer or Zoho Assist, to gain access to people’s devices. They then log into your bank account and online accounts, and steal your details for financial gain. 

Does it affect me?

Cybercriminals are cold calling people, so anyone can receive one of these calls, regardless of whether you have any usual dealings with the business being impersonated.

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