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Offensive cyber operations

Off-hook audio protection

A method of mitigating the possibility of an active handset inadvertently allowing background discussions to be heard by a remote party. This can be achieved through the use of a hold feature, mute feature, push-to-talk handset or equivalent.

Offensive cyber operations

Activities in cyberspace that manipulate, deny, disrupt, degrade or destroy targeted computers, information systems, or networks.

Official information

Non-classified information identified as requiring basic protection (i.e. information marked as OFFICIAL or OFFICIAL: Sensitive).


Connected to, served by, or available through a system and especially a computer or telecommunications system.

Online banking

A method of banking in which transactions are conducted electronically over the internet.

Online gambling

Online gambling is any kind of gambling conducted on the internet.

Online information

Information that can be accessed over the internet.

Online security

The mix of rules that are followed and actions that are taken to make sure online user data and privacy aren't compromised by cyber criminals.

Online services

Services using the internet such as social media, online collaboration tools, web browsing, instant messaging, IP telephony, video conferencing, file sharing websites and peer-to-peer applications.

Online shopping

The action or activity of buying goods and services over the internet.


OnSecure was the central online community portal for information security professionals working for Australian governments. Superseded by

Open data

Open data is data that can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone.

OpenPGP Message Format

An open-source implementation of Pretty Good Privacy, a widely available cryptographic toolkit.


Opera is a web browser that provides some advantages over other browsers from Mozilla or Microsoft. Much smaller in size, Opera is known for being fast and stable.

Operating system

System software that manages hardware and software resources and provides common services for executing various applications on a computer.


Optus is a large telecommunications company in Australia.


Oracle is an American multinational computer technology corporation. The company sells database software and technology, cloud engineered systems, and enterprise software products.


Operating System


Version 10 of the Apple Macintosh operating system.


Open System Interconnect is the website version of the email client Microsoft Outlook. It allows users to access email, calendars, tasks etc.


Outsourcing is an agreement in which one company hires another company to be responsible for a planned or existing activity that is or could be done internally, and sometimes involves transferring employees and assets from one firm to another.


Open Web Application Security Project