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Backing Up and Restoring Your Files – For PC (To the Cloud)

How to back up your files on your PC using the cloud.

To back up and restore your files using a Mac, please refer to the Step-by-Step Guide to Backing Up and Restoring Your Files (For Mac).

Backing up your files to the cloud

Note: If you are choosing to back up using an external storage device, refer to Step 1.

Before you begin:

  • Update your mobile device(s) or PC to the latest operating system
  • Set up cloud on all devices
  • If your devices cannot update to the latest Operating System, see the minimum system requirements to use the cloud-based software solution of your choice.

There are many cloud-based data backup tools that can make backing up and restoring as easy as clicking a button.

Some of the most popular cloud-based data backup software solutions are:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft OneDrive.

Backing up using Google Drive

1.        Google Drive can be accessed via by clicking the squares in the top right corner. If you are choosing to use Google Drive, you will need an account and to be logged in

Backup Windows to Google - step 1

2.        Click on the Settings cog in the top left hand corner of the Google Drive screen and then Get Backup and Sync Windows

Backup Windows to Google - step 2

3.        Follow the prompts to install Backup and Sync. You may need to log in for security reasons and click on the installbackupandsync.exe in your downloads folder to open the application

Backup Windows to Google - step 3

4.        Once installed click Get Started and follow Backup and Sync steps including which folders you want to keep synced on your computer and to Google Drive.

Backup Windows to Google - step 4

5.        To access synced folders on your desktop click on the Google Drive icon.

Backup Windows to Google - step 5

Restoring your files using Google Drive

  1. Open Google Drive
  2. Select the Backup and Sync utility
  3. Access and restore your files at any time.

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