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Be mindful of where and how you use your mobile or tablet

Being mindful of where and how you use your device can help protect your data and your device.

You also need to be careful about where you use your phone - both online and off: 

  • Use public Wi-Fi networks wisely – for example, don’t do your online banking using these networks. Learn how to protect yourself when using public Wi-Fi. 

  • Don’t use chargers supplied by third parties or charge electronic devices at public charging stations or USB charging outlets. Only use genuine chargers supplied with electronic devices. More advice from the Australian Cyber Security Centre – Travelling with Electronic Devices. 

  • When connecting using Bluetooth, do it in private areas only. 

  • Use reputable sites and applications when downloading anything from the internet. 

  • Log out of websites when you are finished.  

  • Turn off location services when you are not using them and limit the applications that can track and use this information. 

  • Think before you click. Do not open links or attachments unless you are expecting them and you trust the source. If in doubt, hovering over links often allows you to see the destination URL and you can decide if you recognise the website or email address – although URL shortening can make this difficult. 

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