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Employee training

A cyber security incident response plan can help to change the habits and behaviours of staff and create a sense of shared accountability in keeping your small business secure.

Education to protect your staff and business against cyber threats

Your cyber security incident response plan teaches staff how to:

  • recognise.
  • avoid.
  • report.
  • remove.
  • recover.

Phone lockWhy?
Employees can be the first and last line of defence against cyber threats

Employees make mistakes. As business owners, you have a legal responsibility to keep your business and customer information secure. That’s why having a cyber security training program is vital.

Thinking headWhen?
Regular cyber security awareness and training

Cyber security is continuously evolving. Keeping everybody up to date could be the difference between whether or not a criminal accesses your money or data.

Quick wins

  • Incorporate, update and regularly repeat.
  • Create a cyber security incident response plan.
  • Reward employees who find threats.
  • Create a cyber security culture.
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