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Making online purchases

A few simple safeguards can protect you when shopping online.

When making purchases online: 

  • Check if the site is reputable and has a refund policy. 

  • Check that you are using a secure connection. The URL of the payment page will use ‘https’ instead of ‘http’, and a padlock icon will be displayed by your browser. 

  • If the website looks suspicious or you have doubts, do not proceed. Learn more about making purchases online safely. 

  • Know that threats such as malware, phishing, identity theft and other types of fraud and scams are a risk online. Learn more about these threats and sign up for regular alerts from the ACSC's Alert Service. 

  • Be aware that malware can be delivered through malicious advertising (known as malvertising). Using an adblocker can stop malware from being delivered through your browser. Some browsers include an AdBlock feature in their settings under ‘Extensions’. For further help, search for adblocker in the online help or support centre for your web browser. 

  • Avoid using public computers or Wi-Fi hotspots to access or provide personal information. Don’t use online banking or make payments with credit cards using public computers or Wi-Fi. Learn how to use public Wi-Fi and online banking safely. 

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