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Cyber Incident Management Arrangements for Australian Governments

Australia’s Cyber Incident Management Arrangements (CIMA) outlines the inter-jurisdictional coordination arrangements and principles for Australian governments’ cooperation in response to national cyber incidents.

The CIMA bridges the current gap between a localised cyber security incident handled by an individual state, and Australia’s national crisis management arrangements. If a national cyber incident reaches a crisis level, the CIMA will operate in support of jurisdictions’ respective crisis management arrangements.

The CIMA categorises cyber incidents under National Cyber Security Arrangements (NCSA) from Level 5 to Level 1: 

  • Level 5: Normal Conditions
  • Level 4: Lean Forward
  • Level 3: Alert
  • Level 2: National Cyber Incident
  • Level 1: National Cyber Crisis

Further information on the CIMA is available at the following link: