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The ACSC is aware of malicious emails that are falsely advising Australians that their account has violated Paypal rules. These phishing emails try to lure the recipient into sharing personal information which could then be used for identity theft and financial gain by cyber criminals.

The recipient is told their account will be permanently disabled within 48 hours unless the user logs-in using the link provided within the email to ‘update account details’ and ‘activate your account’.

The link sends you to a fake PayPal login portal where your details will be harvested.

Staying safe

If you receive the email:

  • do not click on the link
  • do not enter any information.

You should forward the email to and can find more information and advice on the Paypal website.

If you think you might be the victim of a scam, cybercrime or identity theft, find out how to get help from ACSC’s website at