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The ACSC is aware of a new scam where people call who pretend to be from the ACSC, seeking your help to act against cyber criminals.

Telephone scams - where people pretend to be from a reputable organisation to try to get access to your computer and your bank account - are a constant threat.

These scammers try to coax individuals into actions that could compromise computers or reveal bank information. These types of scams are also called ‘remote access scams’ or ‘impersonation scams’.

The scammers ask you to enter a URL in your web browser and provide your bank account details, and sometimes they try to entice you to transfer money – in one case, scammers asked for $20,000 to be transferred.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre will never contact you by phone to request access to your computer, ask you to install software, transfer money or request financial information.

What to do if the scammer calls you

If you get an unexpected telephone call from someone claiming to represent the Australian Cyber Security Centre who says your computer has been infected or hacked, hang up immediately.

Never give anyone your personal information such as your bank account or credit card details, or passwords.

Visit ACSC’s website and sign up for the alert service about new threats.

To report a cyber security incident or cybercrime, go to ReportCyber and report it.

Contact IDCare at if you’ve experienced identity theft.