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The ACSC is aware of a phone scam in which scammers are posing as employees from Australian Government agencies.

Scammers are attempting to convince you that your computer has been compromised, and to assist in their investigation, they’re asking for remote access via a legitimate screen sharing program such as TeamViewer.

The scammer then attempts to persuade you to take actions, such as enter a URL into your browser and access your online banking service, which then compromises your computer to reveal banking information, enabling them access to transfer your funds.

A recent victim reported receiving a call from a scammer posing as an ACSC employee, claiming their computer had been compromised.

Australian Government agencies will never contact individuals asking for remote access to use computers or request funds to be transferred for an investigation.

If you receive a suspicious phone call, we recommend you hang up and report the incident to ScamWatch and the affected government agency.

For more information about phone scams, go to Stay Smart Online.