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As Stay Smart Online Week comes to a close for another year, we wanted to take a moment to look back on the week.

Cybercrime is a billion dollar problem. Cyber security incidents cost Australian businesses up to $29 billion each year, with almost one in three Australian adults impacted by cybercrime in 2018.

These figures show the significant impact on Australians – figures which we need to reverse!

This year’s campaign, which ran from Monday 7 to Sunday 13 October, saw the continuation of ‘Reverse the Threat’, a bold initiative to bring cybercrime out of the shadows and put cyber security in the national spotlight.

To launch the week on Monday 7 October, major Australian businesses including ANZ, Westpac, St George, Bank of Melbourne and Bank SA joined us and changed their home pages to black and white for the day to draw attention to the threat of cybercrime.

Hundreds of other businesses, government agencies, associations and community groups supported the campaign by displaying black and white imagery on their websites and social media, and running events for their customers and employees to focus attention on the importance of cyber security.

Take control of your online identity

Every day cybercriminals steal the online identities of people just like you. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, whether you are male or female, or where you live, cybercriminals look to take advantage of people who make it easy for them to steal from.

Don’t wait for a cybercriminal to steal your identity – take control of your online identity with a few simple steps:

  • Setting your social media to private. Cybercriminals can piece together info from your social media and all over the internet to steal your identity. Check the privacy settings on your devices, apps and social media so that you’re only sharing information with people you know. Complete your privacy check-up.
  • Using a different password for each of your important online accounts. Passwords are the first line of defence against cybercriminals. If you’re using the same password on multiple accounts, by guessing one of your passwords a cybercriminal could access all of your accounts. Make a pledge for better password security.
  • Never provide your details via a link in a message. Scam messages are one of the most common ways cybercriminals try to steal your information online. Think you know how to spot a scam? Put your skills to the test – take the quiz.

It’s important to remember that these are actions that should be taken year round and not just during Stay Smart Online Week to give yourself the best protection against cybercriminals.

Engaging the community

Throughout the week we held a number of events around the country to get people thinking about their security online and provide simple tips to help them improve their online security.

InDigiMob Online Safety Workshop, Alice Springs

Members of the Alice Springs community had the opportunity to create augmented reality filters as part of an interactive online safety workshop hosted by InDigiMob for Stay Smart Online Week. During the workshop the community learnt about the importance of their online identity and how to keep it safe online.

SSO Week 2019 workshop in Alice Springs

‘How Hackable Are You?’ Quiz, Martin Place, Sydney

The Stay Smart Online team and partners offered the ‘how hackable are you’ quiz for Sydney-siders in Martin Place. This was an opportunity for people to answer a few questions about their risk of falling victim to cybercrime and take home some simple tips to keep themselves safer online.

SSO Week 2019 publicity campaign in Sydney

Cyber Security Breakfast for Brisbane Small Businesses

Small business owners came together in Brisbane to find out how they can better protect their business from the increasing threat of cybercrime. They heard about the different ways cybercriminals get access to business information and the importance of having strong cyber security measures in place.

Representatives from the Queensland Government, Commonwealth Bank and IDCare were on hand to answer questions and provide cyber security tips to help them keep their business and customer information secure online.

SSO Week 2019 event in Brisbane

Digital Safety Workshop for Teens in Adelaide

A group of teens in Adelaide got to discover the amount of personal information about them that exists online. They also learnt about why online privacy matters and what a good password looks like during a digital safety workshop run by the Australian Computing Academy for Stay Smart Online Week.

SSO Week 2019 youth event in Adelaide

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