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With holiday season shopping in full swing, and the Boxing Day sales just around the corner, Australians are being urged to take care when shopping online to protect themselves from cybercriminals.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has published updated information and advice on ways to stay secure while shopping online, available at Online shopping.

It comes as around $150,000 in losses to shopping and investment scams are reported to the ACSC per day, with each cybercrime reported costing the victim over $5,000 on average.

Australians are also encouraged to follow ACSC on social media for the latest information.

The updated advice is part of an ongoing national cyber security campaign, launched by the Minister for Defence, that warns Australians that cybercriminals never switch off and urges people to ‘act now and stay secure’ by following the easy-to-follow cyber security advice on

Read the full statement here: Staying secure when shopping online this festive season.