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The ACSC commissioned exploratory research to better understand audience awareness of cyber security threats and practices.

The objective of the market research was to measure levels of community awareness, understanding and behaviours in relation to the current cyber security threats in Australia, and to inform the development of cyber security communications to the Australian public to improve national cyber resilience.

Key findings include:

  • There is an unmet demand for more, readily accessible information about cyber security, with one in every two Australians wanting to hear more.
  • The preferred source of cyber security information for Australians is through government websites, with a single dedicated government website the leading preference for two in five (38%) of Australians.
  • ACSC has the highest top of mind association for cyber security information, reporting and assistance but has low brand awareness, proving the need to increase the profile of the brand.

The market research informed the development of the ACSC’s new national cyber security campaign which encourages all Australians to act now and stay secure.