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IDCARE is Australia and New Zealand’s national identity and cyber support service. IDCARE have helped thousands of Australian and New Zealand individuals and organisations reduce the harm they experience from the compromise and misuse of their identity information by providing effective response and mitigation.

IDCARE is a registered charity that does not ask individuals to donate or pay for their services.

IDCARE rely on organisations to keep their charitable service going. It is not a charity that can receive tax-deductible donations. IDCARE proudly display these organisations on the IDCARE Subscriber Organisations page.

If you are asked for payment, you are encouraged to report this to IDCARE via our Report Phishing page.

If you think you’ve been the victim of identity theft, act quickly. IDCARE will work with you to develop a specific response plan to your situation and support you through the process.

For advice, contact IDCARE on 1800 595 160 or use their free Cyber First Aid Kit to help you work out what to do.