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AISI Members Info

The Australian Internet Security Initiative (AISI) started in November 2005 and has progressively expanded since then. As of April 2018 the AISI has 155 members, including 20 educational institutions. View the current list of AISI members.

The internet providers participating in the AISI are estimated to cover more than 90 per cent of Australian residential internet users. Through their voluntary participation, these providers help raise security levels on Australian IP addresses, thereby reducing costs for all internet providers and users. CERT Australia strongly encourages new internet providers to join and help combat the threats to their customers’ online security.

Participate in the AISI

You are eligible to participate in the AISI if you have been assigned Australian IP address ranges and are solely responsible for the management of these ranges. If you would like to participate in the AISI, please send an email to with the following information:

  • the IP address ranges associated with your network (preferably in CIDR format)
  • an email address to send the daily AISI email reports to (ideally a generic email address rather than an individual email address)
  • a direct contact number(s) and email address to discuss AISI operational matters
  • the name by which you want your company to be listed on the AISI website.

The AISI malware and service vulnerability data is also available through the AISI portal, where the daily AISI reports can be downloaded as an alternative to receiving emails. The portal also provides historical and more comprehensive data than provided in the daily AISI reports, and a granular search capability. If you wish to access the AISI portal for data relating to your network IP ranges, please advise CERT Australia of this when you request to participate.

July 30th, 2019