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CyberGuard Corporation

CyberGuard Firewall for UnixWare/Premium Appliance Firewall

CyberGuard Firewall is a dynamic packet filter, (stateful inspection) and application level proxy firewall that is provided with a MLS (secure) Unix operating system. It safeguards information held on internal networks, by controlling the access of external users and protecting the integrity, availability, authentication data and anonymity of the internal network. Configuration and reporting is performed with a local Graphical User Interface (GUI). Additional network interfaces (up to 32) provide DMZ or further internal/external network connections.

Cyberguard Firewall

CyberGuard Firewall is a network security product that provides users with Internet and intranet access control, monitoring and network security. This assists users to gain access to the Internet without the potential disadvantages that can be caused by the vagaries of other Internet users.