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Gauntlet Internet Firewall

Gauntlet is a hardware and software-based firewall system designed to provide secure access and internetwork communications between private, trusted networks and public, untrusted networks, such as the Internet, or between subnets within a private network.  The Gauntlet Internet Firewall is an application-level proxy based firewall with the following features: 

McAfee Endpoint Encryption Version (previously SafeBoot Device Encryption)

McAfee Endpoint Encryption is a disk encryption system for personal computers running the Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Windows 2000 Professional operating systems. It prevents data stored on a PC’s hard disk from being accessed by an unauthorised person. McAfee Endpoint Encryption takes control of a user’s hard disk away from the resident operating system, encrypting data written to the disk and encrypting data read from the disk. The specific security functions provided by the McAfee Endpoint Encryption product are: