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Microsecure Corporation

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Windows 2000 Professional, Server and Advanced Server with SP3 and Q326886 Hotfix

The Windows 2000 Target of Evaluation (TOE) is a general-purpose network operating system that provides controlled access between subjects and user data objects. Windows 2000 has a broad set of security capabilities including: single network logon; access control and data encryption; extensive security audit collection; and Light-weight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory-based resource management.

Kinetic Access II+

Kinetic Access V1.71 is a software and hardware package that is designed to provide security for a personal computer for up to 16 users. Kinetic Access provides protection through encryption of the boot sector of the hard drive, with all users being required to go through a login process before access to the secured user interface (SUI) is allowed. The SUI or main menu allows the designated security administrator to control and manage all DOS and Windows applications on a user by user basis.