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Oracle Corporation

Trusted Oracle7

Trusted Oracle7 is a multilevel secure Relational Database Management System, providing all the features of Oracle7, with the added functionality of mandatory access control and labelling.

Sun Solaris

Solaris 2.6 is the latest version of Sun\'s commercial Solaris operating system evaluated to ITSEC E3/F-C2. The product was initially evaluated on the Sun UltraSPARC-1 Workstation and servers sharing information in a distributed networking environment. The evaluation includes the following features in addition to the ITSEC Functionality Class F-C2:

Sun Trusted Solaris

Trusted Solaris 2.5 is a highly configurable trusted operating system based on Sun\'s Solaris 2.5.1 commercial UNIX operating system. It is designed to meet numerous defence and commercial customer requirements for secure computing, including:

Oracle Version

Oracle 7 is suitable for a wide range of mission critical OLTP and decision support applications. It has the ability to use the PL/SQL language within the database server, enabling the RDBMS to encapsulate enforcement of arbitrary business policies within stored or triggered procedures. The parallel Server option provides high availability, scalability and performance by supporting simultaneous OLTP data access from applications running on multiple nodes of loosely coupled or massively parallel systems.

Trusted Oracle

Trusted Oracle 7 provides all the features provided by the standard C2 - compliant Oracle 7 server, enhanced where necessary to incorporate multilevel security (MLS), which protects sensitive data during the concurrent storage, manipulation and retrieval by users at varying authorisation and clearances. It provides mandatory and discretionary access controls and labelling features. It is available on a variety of Trusted hardware and operating system platforms, including Hewlett-Packard\'s HP-UX BLS, Sun\'s Trusted Solaris and DEC\'s SEVMS and MLS+.