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Pointsec Protector

Pointsec Protector is a corporate solution that provides a policy driven mechanism of securing an organisation's information and ensures data integrity. Pointsec Protector provides end point security over the use of USB and other memory devices. By managing the use of all I/O devices with Removable Media Manager (RMM) and Port Guard (PG), the system administrator can take back control. Access to devices can be controlled either by denying all access, providing read-only access or allowing full authorised access.

Pointsec PC

Pointsec PC Version 4.3 is a hard disk encryption application. It is a software based security product for the Microsoft Windows based PC platform that employs both boot authentication and transparent disk encryption to provide protection of information resources stored on fixed media in a workstation or laptop. Multiple user authentication mechanisms are supported, including fixed passwords, dynamic/challenge-response authentication, smart cards, and remote help. Successful authentication is required before the operating system is allowed to boot.