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SafeNet Inc

4690 Millennium Drive

SafeNet ProtectDrive

PC Security: ProtectDrive employs strong, trusted access control and data encryption techniques to protect sensitive information on laptops, portable PCs, workstations and servers from access by unauthorised users. ProtectDrive fully integrates with the host operating system enabling single system log on and transparent operation. ProtectDrive has the following major features:

SafeNet ProtectDrive Enterprise

SafeNet ProtectDrive Enterprise Version provides full hard disk encryption for laptops, workstations, and servers to protect sensitive information in the event of device theft, loss, disposal, EOL, or sale. Through strong pre-boot authentication and by encrypting and decrypting all information 'on the fly' using industry-proven encryption algorithms, ProtectDrive only allows authorized users to access sensitive information.

iKey 2032 USB Token

The iKey 2032 USB Token is a secure two-factor USB authentication device. With two-factor authentication, the user requires two elements of identification – the iKey itself and the iKey's PIN. Smart tokens are technologically identical to smart cards with the exception of their form factor and interface. Having a USB interface means no reader is required.

Luna CA V3.97

The Luna® CA³, Version 3.97, Software Versions 8.0 and 8.1, from Chrysalis-ITS, Inc., is the Target of Evaluation (TOE). The Luna® CA³ provides the cryptographic processing required for a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Within a PKI, the Certificate Authority (CA) is the most trusted component and is responsible for signing public key certificates and Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs). The certificates and CRLs ensure the integrity and authenticity of private and public keys.

ProtectServer Orange (CSA8000)

ProtectServer Orange is a PCI adapter based HSM that you can install in server systems as a cryptographic subsystem to perform symmetric and asymmetric cryptography. All cryptographic operations that would otherwise be performed on the insecure server are processed within the physically secure HSM ensuring sensitive keys are always protected.

SafeNet Luna PCI configured for use in Luna SA 4.1 with backup

The Luna PCI cryptographic module is a hardware security module in the form of a PCI card that typically resides within a custom computing or secure communications appliance. It is contained in its own secure enclosure that provides physical resistance to tampering and zeroisation of plain text key material and security parameters in the event a tamper signal is received.