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Mini-SDV / Pocket SDV

The Mini-SDV/Pocket SDV is a hardware product that can be used to reduce the storage and physical transfer requirements of data at rest through the use of data protection provided by the AES-128 cryptographic algorithm. The Mini-SDV/Pocket SDV may be configured in pre- or post-boot authentication modes. The Mini-SDV/Pocket SDV has been approved to reduce the handling requirements of PROTECTED or UNCLASSIFIED material (with Dissemination  Limiting Markers) to UNCLASSIFIED.


The High Grade Silicon Data Vault (HGSDV) is a hardware-based hard disk drive encryption product that can be used to reduce the classification and storage requirements of classified data at rest. Data protection is provided by the AES-128 cryptographic algorithm. To log in to a laptop containing a HGSDV a user must provide two factors of authentication, a password and an appropriate CD token. In accordance with Australian Government policy, the HGSDV has been found suitable to allow:

Silicon Data Vault

The Silicon Data Vault® (SDV) is a cryptographic and access control data protection device for desktop and laptop workstations that asserts absolute control over the host computer’s hard disk drive (HDD) at the earliest stage of boot up, ensuring the user is authenticated before any data can be accessed. The SDV is manufactured in two models, identified as the Secure Systems Limited Silicon Data Vault® Laptop Version SDV18A03-A2-0003 and Secure Systems Limited Silicon Data Vault® Desktop Version SDV201B03-0003.

SDV18A Laptop SDV - LD10d, SDV181B Laptop SDV - LU10d , SDV182A Laptop SDV - LS10

The SDV is a hardware-based solution that ensures all functions enforcing the security model during normal user operations are performed in a trusted domain separate from the host Personal Computer (PC) and Operating System (OS) domains. The SDV provides data access control and secure storage of data on the protected hard disk drive (HDD). The SDV facilitates the separation of data allowing control of access to data based on user identity and defined access rights.


The Silicon Data Vault High Assurance (SDV-HA) is a large capacity portable solid state encrypted storage device that can be used for reducing the handling and storage requirements of classified data-at-rest. The product connects via USB2 and eSATA to enable high-speed data transfers. The SDV-HA has completed a DSD High Assurance evaluation. Please contact DSD if you believe that this product will fulfil your requirements.