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Utimaco Safeware AG

SAFE-GUARD Professional

SAFE-Guard runs on IBM PC-XT, AT, PS2 or an IBM-compatible PC using PC-DOS/MS-DOS version 3.1 or higher. A SAFE-Board is available to prevent booting from a floppy drive, and to provide on-line encryption of the hard disk and floppy disk. Identification and Authentication is provided by userid/password. Access to programs is controlled by menus; access to directories and logical drives is controlled by administration of user rights; access to files is controlled by storage in protected directories. An audit trail of user and administrator actions is provided.

SafeGuard Easy

SafeGuard Easy (SGE) is a software product to ensure secure access to data on Personal Computers (PCs). It works on a high security level but is easy to install, maintain and use. This product under evaluation is designed for the Microsoft operating system Windows 2000. (Versions of SGE also are available for other PC operating systems, but are not part of this evaluation). The security of SGE prevents unauthorised users from access to all data on the hard disks(s) of a PC operating under the named operating system.