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FAQs Australasian Information Security Evaluation Program

What is an AISEP Acceptance Package?

An AISEP Acceptance Package contains documents prepared by the developer and an Australasian Information Security Facility. These include the Security Target and Protection Profile (if relevant) as well as any proposed timelines for the evaluation.

What is AISEP Assurance Continuity?

AISEP Assurance Continuity (AAC) is a process that allows a developer to request the extension of a certified product's assurance. In such cases, the product's developer is required to submit a proposal, known as an AAC maintenance task, to the ACA. This proposal contains an Impact Analysis Report (IAR). The ACA subsequently reviews the IAR to determine if the changes to the product are minor or major. Changes deemed as minor result in a maintenance update to the product's cetification while changes deemed as major warrant re-evaluation of the product.

August 27th, 2019