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ASD Certified Cloud Services

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ASD has awarded ASD Certification to the listed cloud service providers for specified cloud services. ASD has issued the providers with a:

  • Certification Letter outlining the details of the certification and describing the conditions of holding certification and when re-certification may be triggered.
  • Certification Report which provides customers with an overview of the security aspects which should be considered prior to accreditation.

Australian Government agencies procuring these services are advised to request the ASD Certification Letter and Certification Report from the cloud service provider, and consider the ASD advice prior to awarding accreditation. ASD does not distribute the Certification Letter and Certification Report as they are the property of the cloud service provider.

IRAP Security Assessments and ASD Certification are based on the Australian Government Information Security Manual. Australian Government agencies should review the ASD Cloud Computing Security documents, which describe security risk mitigations associated with cloud computing. In addition, Australian Government agencies must perform due diligence reviews of the legal, financial and privacy risks associated with procuring cloud services (which this certification does not include).

ASD Certified Cloud Services List (CCSL)

ASD broadly uses the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cloud computing definition (PDF), which defines three service models for cloud computing. However, we will also include cloud computing services that have alternative billing models to those described by NIST.

Cloud provider Cloud service Classification level
Amazon Amazon Web Services (AWS) PROTECTED*
NTT Australia Protected Government Cloud (PGC) PROTECTED
Macquarie Government GovZone (Secure Cloud) PROTECTED
Microsoft Azure PROTECTED*
Microsoft Office 365 PROTECTED*
Sliced Tech Gov Cloud Package PROTECTED
Vault Systems Gov Cloud Package PROTECTED
Amazon Amazon Web Services (AWS) Unclassified DLM
Dell Virtustream Dell Virtustream Cloud Unclassified DLM
Education Services Australia ESA GovZone Unclassified DLM
Google Google Cloud Platform Unclassified DLM
IBM Bluemix Unclassified DLM
Macquarie Government GovZone (LAUNCH) Unclassified DLM
Microsoft Azure Unclassified DLM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Unclassified DLM
Microsoft Office 365 Unclassified DLM
Rackspace Dedicated Hosting Environment (DHE) Unclassified DLM
Salesforce PaaS, SaaS Unclassified DLM
ServiceNow ServiceNow SaaS Unclassified DLM
Sliced Tech IaaS Unclassified DLM
Vault Systems IaaS Unclassified DLM

Last updated January 2019.

For the detailed list of certified cloud services, refer to the cloud service providers' ACSC Certification Report.

* Agencies must configure in line with the guidance in the ACSC Certification Report and Consumer Guide.

Other cloud providers are currently going through ASD's certification process. If your organisation is considering a cloud service that is not on this list, please contact us.

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