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IRAP Assessors

The Australian Signals Directorate's (ASD) Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) endorses qualified ICT security professionals to provide information security services.

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Given name Family name Organisation State Email
Michael Sterling Abelia Consulting ACT
Eric Chan Accenture NSW
Gerard Joseph Aegis9 ACT
Jozef Lauko Aegis9 ACT
John Hall AGL VIC
Garry Boyd AirServices Australia ACT
John Orlowski AirServices Australia ACT
Nicholas Mutton Aksel Group ACT
Ajoy Ghosh Alcheme NSW
Andrew Robinson Arcord VIC
Jeff Matthews Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission ACT
Jake Smith Blueprint Information Security VIC
Rhys Vinson Boeing Defence Australia NSW
Jean-Paul Versteeg British Telecom Australia NSW
Crawford Samuel Caybris Consulting ACT
Peter Nikitser Cerus QLD
Jane Marshall Civil Aviation Safety Authority ACT
Shane Anderson Claricent ACT
Michael Tabisz Claricent ACT
Kirk Stephen Context VIC
Bob Cove Covertone Consulting VIC
Phil Kernick CQR SA
Hank Clark CSO Group ACT
Warwick Hoyle CTO Group ACT
Stas Filshtinskiy Cyber Security Hub VIC
Ken Hendrie Cyconsol ACT
Mark Lee Cynetic ACT
Jon McQuade CypherTech NSW
David Milin Dalmatian Group ACT
Scott Norman Independent consultant ACT
Puneet Kukreja Deloitte VIC
Chris Marklew Department of Defence ACT
Anthony McPherson Department of Defence ACT
Angela Chow Digital Transformation Agency ACT
Jason Rablin DotSec QLD
Chris Hampson Dreamtime Supply Company ACT
Gareth Peak Dreamtime Supply Company ACT
Andrew McLarty DXC Technology - Saltbush ACT
Chander Vohra DXC Technology - Saltbush ACT
Charles Wale DXC Technology - Saltbush VIC
Daryl Sheppard Elbit Systems Australia ACT
Jonathan Hack Envista ACT
Peter Baussmann Foresight Consulting ACT
Scott Heyhorn Foresight Consulting VIC
Greg Mansill Foresight Consulting ACT
Caroline Cui Hivint NSW
Edward Dexter Hivint NSW
Aaron Doggett Hivint WA
James Fitzell Hivint NSW
Barry Grek Hivint VIC
David Ormrod Terra Schwartz ACT
Nathan Adam Independent consultant ACT
David Begg Independent consultant NSW
Stephen Boyd Independent consultant ACT
Steve Bryant Independent consultant ACT
Gillian Bydevaate Independent consultant WA
Dominic Catanzariti Independent consultant ACT
Clem Colman Independent consultant ACT
Sofie Christensen Independent consultant VIC
Ivan Dean Independent consultant ACT
Ben Dearsley Independent consultant ACT
Sarah Djula Independent consultant ACT
Asjad Ebaduddin Independent consultant ACT
Michael Farlow Independent consultant ACT
Peter Farrelly Independent consultant NSW
Jane Holzapfel Independent consultant ACT
Lyndal Horsley Independent consultant ACT
Manzoor Joo Independent consultant ACT
Bobby Kilpatrick Independent consultant ACT
Jennifer Lees Independent consultant ACT
Tony Lewis Independent consultant ACT
Lee Mansfield Independent consultant ACT
Jim Manuel Independent consultant ACT
Greg Mazzone Independent consultant ACT
Ben McNiven Seer Security ACT
Jonathan O'Rourke Independent consultant QLD
Martin Quinn Independent consultant NSW
Rebecca Seymour Independent consultant QLD
Amar Shrestha Independent consultant ACT
Krzysztof Swiderski Independent consultant ACT
Andrew Taylor Independent consultant ACT
Arya Vaziri Independent consultant VIC
Damian Walker Independent consultant ACT
Malcolm Young Independent consultant ACT
Bruce Morris Ionize ACT
Ashutosh Kapse IOOF Holdings VIC
Muhammad Malik ISBuzz ACT
Ross Jackson Keystone Cyber Security QLD
Jack Jessen Keystone Cyber Security ACT
Graeme Slattery Keystone Cyber Security NSW
Rebecca Buksh KLEW ACT
Edward Bristow KPMG Australia ACT
Leon Pholi GRC Consulting ACT
Mike Breach Leidos Australia ACT
Scott Waters Leidos Australia ACT
Ivan Wolff Leidos International Cyber ACT
Anthony Rigg National Museum of Australia ACT
Nathan Joy NJOY Security ACT
Ian Macintosh NJOY Security ACT
Doug Jackson North ACT
Kirren Hartas On the Business ACT
Dean White OneGuard Consulting ACT
Kit Crooke Penten ACT
Jason McClure Platinum Cloud ACT
Prashant Haldankar Privasec NSW
Leszek Szychowski Prosecure (ACT) ACT
Marc Tapping SAAB Group SA
Lauritz Strydom SecFin ACT
Nigel Chia Security Centric NSW
Sash Vasilevski Security Centric NSW
Murray Goldschmidt Sense of Security NSW
Stuart Amoore Independent consultant ACT
John Danassis ActewAGL ACT
Adam Gould Shearwater ACT
Michael Kennedy Shearwater ACT
Simon Treadaway Shearwater ACT
Greg Breen Syfa Solutions ACT
Peter Flynn Syfa Solutions ACT
Terry Walker TasCert TAS
Wayne Wood Unisys ACT
Chris Mewett Utopia Consulting ACT
Anthony Wyatt Verisade ACT
Anthony Selmes Verizon Business Australia NSW
Hassan Warsi Verizon Business Australia ACT
Shane Moffitt Victorian Government VIC
Glen Mattocks Visor Consulting QLD
Luke Hitch Independent consultant ACT
Ross Peachey Zimbani VIC

Last updated August 2019. IRAP Assessors may contact the IRAP Team to update their details.