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Business email compromise

Protect your business and employees from phishing attacks designed to steal your money, goods or information.

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What is business email compromise?  

Business email compromise (BEC) is a form of targeted phishing, or spear phishing. Criminals target organisations and try to scam them out of money or goods. They also target employees and try and trick them into revealing important business information.   

Criminals use emails to pretend to be business representatives. They also use the compromised email accounts of employees.

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If you’ve been targeted  

  1. Report to authorities: Report the incident to us at ReportCyber.
  2. Check account security: Secure any compromised accounts.  
  3. Notify contacts and relevant third parties: Alert other employees and clients. Certain businesses have mandatory reporting obligations with regards to customer data breaches.    
  4. Seek assistance defending your online brand: Domain names are your internet mail address and your online business identity. If your company has been impersonated, reach out on ReportCyber.  
  5. Contact the email provider: If someone is using an email service to impersonate you (like Gmail or, report this to the provider. 

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