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Types of scams

Learn about the common types of scams, how to identify them and how to recover from them.

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Scammers have many ways they try to trick you. Know what to look for.

Scams are a common way that cyber criminals compromise accounts. Knowing the common types of scams and ways scammers trick people could save you from becoming a victim.

If you think you are a victim of a scam

If you think you have seen a scam or fallen victim, go visit Scamwatch.

If you have experienced information or financial loss as a result of a scam, report it to ReportCyber.

Dating and romance scams 

Cyber criminals target victims on dating websites and apps pretending to be other people. Scammers start the relationship with their victim on the website or app before moving the conversation to a more 'private' channel. This is to move away from the protections that dating sites put in place. Cyber criminals can easily manipulate their victims on other channels like email or text.  

They create fake profiles online or take the identities of real people. Cyber criminals try to quickly build a relationship, and then ask for money, gifts or information.

Investment scams

Cyber criminals entice victims into investing money in schemes which may offer high and quick returns. This type of scam is typically a time-sensitive offer to pressure you into making a decision fast.  

Invoice fraud

This is when criminals compromise a vendor’s email account. They can then change the bank details on the company's invoices. The customer pays the invoice, thinking they are paying the vendor, but instead send that money to criminals’ bank accounts.

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What to do if you think you've been scammed

Read on to understand the steps you should take if:

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Think you could spot a potential cybercrime?

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