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Team cyber expands as Aus Digital Council begins

Cyber security is everyone’s responsibility as we work together to share and use the information that builds communities and strengthens our families, businesses and governments.

To improve the use of public sector data and develop better digital services for people and businesses, the Australian Digital Council recently held its first Ministerial Council where governments shared their ideas about smarter services and opportunities for working together.

Ministers agreed that community trust is important as we move to more digital environments, as is collaboration across jurisdictions.

The Australian Digital Council consists of Ministers from across Australia with responsibility for public data and digital transformation and plans to focus on initiatives that aim to:

  • Ensure the security of Australia’s data
  • Reform national data sharing arrangements
  • Prioritise and agree data and digital initiatives that offer national or cross‑jurisdictional benefits
  • Ensure equitable access to the benefits of digital transformation for all Australians including consideration of addressing the digital divide
  • Ensure digital initiatives have appropriate privacy and security safeguards
  • Build a social licence by developing joint approaches to inform the public and build public trust in government based digital services.

In recognition of the data and digital projects already underway across Australia, Ministers agreed that the following are high priority initiatives:

  • Improving inter-jurisdictional data sharing on children in out-of-home care to better understand the welfare outcomes of children in this environment
  • Significant opportunities for improved experiences for people and businesses through digital identity and for jurisdictions to collaborate in delivering digital identity.

The ACSC and the national Joint Cyber Security Centres (JCSC) continue to work closely with state governments and businesses to minimise cyber security risks and enable operation in a safe, secure digital environment.

For more information

You can read the Australian Digital Council Communique and Terms of Reference.

Read our Essential Eight Explained for an overview of strategies to mitigate cyber security incidents.

September 19th, 2018