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Beware of phishing after Cathay Pacific data theft

Scammers often take advantage of incidents to trick people into sharing personal or financial information.

Cathay Pacific Airways Limited announced last week that there had been 'unauthorised access' to passenger data of approximately 9.4 million people, who were travellers with the company and its wholly owned subsidiary, Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited.

Although Cathay Pacific said it had no evidence that any personal information was misused, the airline is concerned about the subsequent phishing campaign for passenger information, which people may be tricked into responding to, regardless of whether their data was stolen.

'We are aware that attempted phishing is taking place, and would like to remind people that emails related to this data security event will only be sent from,' Cathay Pacific said in an update on its website. 

If you are concerned about an email you have received, Cathay Pacific recommended that you don't click on any links, open any attachments or reply to it.

The airline is contacting affected passengers, has notified the Hong Kong Police and is notifying the relevant authorities.

So if you do receive an email about this data breach, avoid any phishing scams by checking that the 'From address' is And remember that Cathay Pacific won't ask you to provide any personal or financial information, or your password.

For more information about this data theft and to find out if you were affected, visit the Cathay Pacific website.

October 30th, 2018