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Expanded agreement on incident management arrangements

The Council of Australian Governments has today agreed to expanded Cyber Incident Management Arrangements (CIMA), increasing national cyber defences through improved cooperation across jurisdictions.

The CIMA outlines the inter-jurisdictional coordination arrangements and principles for Australian Governments’ cooperation in response to national cyber incidents.

These arrangements will support a more effective coordinated response and increased situational awareness in the event of a national cyber incident, or localised cyber incidents with potential national consequences.

The CIMA bridges the current gap between a minor cyber security incident handled by an individual state and Australia’s national crisis management arrangements. If a national cyber incident reaches a crisis level, the CIMA will operate in support of each state and territory’s respective crisis management arrangements.

The CIMA will be strengthened, in partnership with Commonwealth, state and territory governments, through a phased program of exercises in 2019.

These exercises will involve the Commonwealth, states and territories, industry and, where appropriate, international partners working together to ensure the arrangements effectively guide cooperation in response to a national cyber incident.

The ACSC’s Joint Cyber Security Centre Program, a key enabler of the ACSC’s engagement with industry, governments and the community, will also play an important role in supporting Australian states and territories’ cyber capacity building.

For more information on Cyber Incident Management Arrangements for Australian Governments (CIMA), read the report:

July 1st, 2018