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Fake CIA emails requesting Bitcoin or arrest

Unauthorised cryptomining

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is aware of malicious emails claiming to be from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that are being received by Australians.

The emails align with the ‘sextortion’ campaign being observed globally. The criminals inform recipients that due to their involvement in illegal material, the recipient’s personal information such as; addresses, contact information and information relating to their relative/s are contained in a case file. The recipient is advised they can avoid arrest by paying a $10,000 USD in bitcoin.

If you receive this email:

  • Do not respond or contact the sender
  • Do not pay the ransom

The ACSC believes this to be a scam. If you receive the email, we encourage you to delete it. For further advice on how to mitigate the threat of scam emails go to

March 20th, 2019