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Reversing the threat of cyber crime together

Stay Smart Online Week 2018 in Melbourne

In a show of strength to reverse the threat of cybercrime for all Australians, members of the business, government and cyber security community gathered for national Stay Smart Online Week 2018 in Melbourne today to share information about the latest challenges in cyber security in Australia and confirm their commitment to supporting a cyber-aware community.

Hosted by ANZ the Stay Smart Online Week Industry Breakfast included a message from Alastair MacGibbon, Head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), who said raising awareness of the importance of cyber security to all Australians is critical to building Australia’s cyber resilience. Mr MacGibbon also said that we can’t do it alone, and that the more we can partner with organisations that have trust through their brands and services to share cyber security messages with their customers, the better it will be for Australian citizens.

Keynote speaker Lynn Moore, the ACSC’s Head of Engagement, Operations and Intelligence, said large organisations play an important role working on change from within to build business and community cyber resilience when threats continue to rapidly emerge, and she called for a united approach to cyber security into the future.

‘A joint effort is really important and it’s the only way we can create impact,’ Ms Moore said. ‘Many of our partners are major Australian companies, who together would come close to providing services to every Australian in the country.’

‘We want to spread the message about basic cyber hygiene. We want more people to know about the simple steps they can take to protect themselves online. From using complex passwords, to avoiding hyperlinks from untrusted sources: these actions are simple to understand, and easy to implement. They can and do prevent cybercrime,’ she said.

Other speakers included ANZ Chief Information Security Officer Lynwen Connick, who launched ANZ’s awareness campaign that focuses on a team environment and having lots of good security controls in place. Ms Connick stressed the need for swift action to halt the increasing cost of cybercrime to the community.

Alicia Kozakiewicz, founder of the Alicia Project and a US-based internet safety advocate, offered a personal perspective, using her experience as a kidnap victim to drive home the threat of online ‘grooming’ and what it means to be personally safe and secure online.

ANZ is a key supporter and partner of the Stay Smart Online program which provides advice and tips to encourage Australians to be cyber smart.

The ACSC leads the Australian Government’s efforts to improve cyber security. Our role is to help make Australia the safest place to connect online.

October 9th, 2018