Juniper SSR Software v6.0.4-11 on Juniper SSR120, SSR130, SSR1200, SSR1300, SSR1400 and SSR1500


Juniper SSR Software v6.0.4-11

Product type: 

Network and Network Related Devices and Systems

Product Status: 

In evaluation

Assurance Level: 

Protection Profile

Evaluation Facility: 

Teron Labs

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Juniper Networks Inc

1133 Innovation Way
Sunnyvale 94089 CA


Mithun John
Senior Product Manager
Phone: +1 720 244 3638

Bill Shelton
Program Director

Product Description:

The Target of Evaluation (TOE) is a family of Juniper SSR appliances. They consist of software executing on Juniper branded platforms. The software together with the platform is the TOE.

The platforms are Juniper branded platforms which are Juniper SSR120, SSR130, SSR1200, SSR1300, SSR1400 and SSR1500. The TOE software is Juniper SSR software v6.0.4-11.

Each TOE variant executes the same software. Each variant may also be provisioned and configured by the user either into a Session Smart Router or into a Session Smart Conductor.

The TOE configured as a Router implements the data plane and control plane functions of the TOE and performs the majority of the functions. The TOE configured as a Conductor implements a centralized management and policy engine allowing provisioning and management of a large number of Routers. A Conductor also acts as an information aggregation repository.

The TOE implements all the security functions of a network device. It also implements a stateful traffic filtering firewall to guard access to the protected network.