Rubrik Cloud Data Management v8.1.0


Rubrik Cloud Data Management v8.1.0

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Data Protection

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In evaluation

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Teron Labs

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Rubrik Inc.

3495 Deer Creek Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA


Sabre Schnitzer
Federal FSO Compliance Lead

Product Description:

Rubrik Cloud Data Management is a software platform that distributes data, metadata, and task management across the cluster to deliver predictive scalability and eliminate performance bottlenecks.

Elements include a Cloud-scale File System, Distributed Metadata Service, Cluster Management, Distributed Task Framework and Data Management with a REST API.

Rubrik Cloud-Scale File System is a distributed file system that stores and manages versioned data.

  • Fault Tolerant: it is resilient to multiple node and disk failures, employing an intelligent replication scheme to distribute multiple copies of data throughout the cluster
  • Storage Efficient: it utilizes zero-space clones to make multiple copies of data from one “golden image”
  • Scale-out NAS server: it appears as a scale-out NAS server to any host when a snapshot is mounted

Rubrik Distributed Metadata System provides a high-speed index, continuous availability, linear scalability, and operational simplicity with no single point of failure in the cluster. It handles large amounts of data, distributes replicas of data across nodes, and provides low latency operations.

Rubrik Cluster Management manages the Rubrik system setup and ongoing system health. Its zero-configuration multicast DNS protocol automates appliance discovery – the cluster expands with minimal manual intervention with new nodes auto discovering each other. Post system setup, it maintains the status of each node by performing health checks on individual nodes.

Rubrik Distributed Task Framework is the engine that globally assigns and executes tasks across the cluster. Tasks are load balanced across the entire cluster, and are distributed to the nodes that house the impacted data. This engine runs on all nodes and incorporates a masterless architecture where all nodes cooperatively schedule and run tasks.