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Become an ACSC partner


We partner with owners and operators of critical infrastructure and other systems of national interest, as well as some businesses that contribute to, or provide services to, these organisations, to increase their cyber resilience.

What ACSC partnerships provide

Threat intelligence

We constantly monitor for cyber security threats from a range of local and global sources, including through government and business computer emergency response teams (CERTs) around the world.

As a partner, you will automatically receive threat intelligence, consisting of context-rich, actionable and timely information in a variety of formats, including advisories and automated indicator sharing.

This intelligence:

  • gives you simplified, fast and secure exchange of cyber threat information so you can prioritise and implement countermeasures in the face of a threat

  • improves the quality, scope and consistency of your threat information

  • enables more effective, real-time decision making

  • frees your response and operations personnel to focus on activities that cannot be automated.

Incident management

If you are victim of a cyber incident, we will work closely with you to identify and remove the vector of compromise---that is the different ways an attack can be used to compromise systems---and identify the exposure of sensitive information.

During significant incidents, we coordinate the Australian Government's response with industry and provide an initial point of contact and coordination for threats with an international dimension.

How to become an ACSC partner

Partner with us before an incident occurs: prevention is much better than a cure when critical business systems are at stake.

This service is completely free. To check if you're eligible for the program, email

You might also be eligible to be part of our Joint Cyber Security Program and participate in our National Exercise Program.

July 1st, 2018