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ActivCard Secure Remote Access (SRA) suite of software

Client 3.7.1, Server 4.2.1
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Network and Network Related Devices and Systems
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ActivCard's Secure Remote Access (SRA) is a suite of software allowing remote users to securely access their organisation's computer network and resources, over an insecure network.

Assurance of the user's identity and strength of the data encryption is implemented using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and smart cards. The SRA uses the Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) standard to encrypt the user's communication providing confidentiality and integrity of the data transmitted.

The key components of ActivCard's Secure Remote Access suite are the ActivCard Remote Client V3.7.1 (user) software and the ActivCard Remote Gateway V4.2.1 software. The Remote Gateway software is used for both the ActivCard portal (referred to as the Service Gateway) and at the business site (referred to as the Business Gateway). Secure end-to-end transactions between these three entities (Client, Service Gateway, Business Gateway) are ensured through use of the IPSec protocol for secure tunnel-mode encryption and authentication over insecure networks.

Users are authenticated to the Service Gateway before establishing a secure connection to their Business Gateway.

In addition, the ActivCard Remote Business Locator V4.2.1 runs at the ActivCard portal and is the primary interface to the services LDAP directory. It understands the schema and stored information that relates to the services and to the users and the relationships between them.

The user can connect to the ActivCard portal via an Internet connection (eg dial-up, ISDN or cable modem link) or via Cable & Wireless Optus' Private IP POPs which have been fully integrated with the ActivCard SRA software in a product offering called OPI Trust.

ActivCard (in partnership with Optus) can deliver the necessary PKI authentication provided by the Portal as a fully managed end to end service offering called OPI Trust.