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Juniper Networks Secure Access Family

Product Type
Network and Network Related Devices and Systems
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Product Description

The Target of Evaluation (TOE) is Juniper Networks Secure Access, Release 5.1R2 which includes the following series of appliance models:

  • Juniper Networks SA 2000, Release 5.1 R2;
  • Juniper Networks NetScreen-SA 3000 FIPS, Release 5.1R2;
  • Juniper Networks 4000, Release 5.1R2;
  • Juniper Networks NetScreen-SA 5000 FIPS, Release 5.1R2; and
  • Juniper Networks SA 6000, Release 6000, Release 5.1R2.

The Juniper Secure Access Family Release 5.1R2 acts as a secure application-layer gateway that intermediates all requests between remote computers and internal corporate resources.

All requests from remote computers are encrypted using a secure HTTPS connection with 168 bit Triple DES encryption.

All unencrypted requests are redirected to HTTPS to ensure the connection is encrypted. Each request is subject to administartively defined access control and authorisation policies, such as dual factor or client side digital certificate authoristaion, before the request is forwarded on to an internal resource.

Users gain authenticated access to authorised resources via an extranet session hosted by the appliance.

From any Internet-connected Web browser, users can access Web-based enterprise applications, Java applications, file shares and terminal hosts