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Netscreen Appliances

NS-5xp, NS-5xt, NS-25, NS-50, NS-100, NS-204, NS-208, NS-500, NS-5200
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Product Type
Network and Network Related Devices and Systems
Product Status
Assurance Level
Product Description

NetScreen Appliances are integrated security network products (firewalls) that operate as the central security hub in a network configuration. The NetScreen Appliances control traffic flow through the network and integrate packet inspection firewall and traffic management features.

Each identified model consists of hardware and firmware, and each runs ScreenOS 4.0.0r7 - a proprietary operating system - in firmware. The TOE provides a number of audit functions, allowing administrators to review audit records, and also has the ability to protect audit records in the case of storage exhaustion. Security Management is provided through the Administrator Interface, which allows an administrator to configure the NetScreen device.

Although this product has a VPN (encryption) capability, this functionality was not evaluated as part of the TOE. As such, this functionality is not suitable for Australian Government use and should not be enabled.