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Belkin Advanced Secure DVI-I KVM

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Product Type
Peripheral Switch
Product Status
Assurance Level
High Assurance
Product Description

The Belkin Advanced Secure KVM permits a single set of human interface devices - DVI-I video, Audio output, USB or PS2 keyboard, and USB or PS2 mouse - to be shared among two or more computers.

The Belkin Advanced Secure KVM features an attractive uni-body casing with active anti-tamper to provide assurance for the manufacture and delivery processes of the product. The Belkin Advanced Secure KVM has been extensively tested to ensure that it operates seamlessly with common defence and intelligence community peripherals.

Please read consumer guide.

F1DN104Bau 4-Port DVI-I Secure KVM;
F1DN104Eau 4-Port Dual-Head DVI-I Secure KVM;
F1DN102Bau 2-Port DVI-I Secure KVM