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BEST-X/B1 (Bull Enhanced Security Technology)

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Operating System Products
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BEST-X/B1 (Bull Enhanced Security Technology) is a secure system evaluated to ITSEC E3, F-B1 (using a stand alone system with dumb terminals)).


BEST-X/B1 is derived from and compliant with the AIX operating system and provides support for the latest hardware platforms including BULL DPX/20 and ESCALA multi-processor machines.


BEST-X/B1 provides support for Mandatory Access Control Policy, Multi-Level Directories, Labelled Printing, Labelled Import/Export Tools, Password Encryption and Generation module interfaces and Extended Audit, over and above the standard AIX Identification and Authentication, DAC, Accounting and Auditing features. BEST-X/B1 is harmonised with unlabelled AIX communications.

The following products are general purpose Operating Systems which have been evaluated by the US National Computer Security Centre against the US Department of Defense Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC) or by the UK IT Security Evaluation and Certification Scheme. DSD can provide advice on how these products can be used as part of an overall trusted system.